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  • 30M射箭場:30M標準射箭靶道(12道)、射箭教學課程



AM 09:00 - PM22:00






  • 全 票:100元/時 (需自備弓、箭和器材)
  • 優待票:80元/時 (需自備弓、箭和器材)
  • 全 票設備租借(含設備使用說明費用):300元/時 
  • 優惠票設備租借(含設備使用說明費用):280元/時
  • 續借半價優惠
  • 優惠票適用對象:學生、老人、身障人士




  • 學校:3,000元/時 (含1-2位教練)
  • 企業:4,000元/時 (含1-2位教練)
  • 假日一律 4,500元/時 (含1-2位教練)










  Archery field rules


  1. 為維護使用者之權益,請愛惜使用本中心設備,並遵守各項使用須知。

It is everyone’s responsibility to follow all the rules while using the center’s facilities in respect of the rights of all users.


  1. 使用本設備請先於1F櫃台購票後,始可入場使用。

Please purchase tickets at 1F Reception Counter before using the facility.


  1. 若有以下情形之一,禁止使用本設備:(1)患有傳染性疾病者。(2)飯後一小時內、血壓過低、酒後、嚴重睡眠不足時或其他任何身體不適者。(3)患有高血壓、糖尿病、心臟病等,於生理或心理狀態不適宜入場使用之情形者。

People with contagious diseases, unstable blood pressure, diabetes, heart conditions, had meal within 1 hour before, in drunken state, in sleep-deprived state, under impact of medication or any other unfit health conditions are not allowed to use the facility.


  1. 活動民眾必須穿著運動服裝及軟底運動鞋進入場地,禁止穿著拖鞋、皮鞋、高跟鞋、木屐或其他不合場地使用規定之鞋類進入。

Please wear appropriate exercise clothing and soft-sole athletic shoes and do not wear slippers, leather shoes, high-heels, clogs or other inappropriate shoes to enter the facility.


  1. 場地內嚴禁吸菸、喝酒、飲食(飲用水除外)、嚼檳榔或口香糖。

Only drinking water is allowed in the facility; other beverages including alcohol, and food, chewing beetle nuts or gum and smoking are not allowed in the room.


  1. 活動民眾應於場地租借時間內使用,如非租用時間禁止擅自進入使用。

Please use the facility during the rental period; entry to use the facility during other times is prohibited.


  1. 使用館內場地時,請注意使用時間,勿超時佔用,尊重下一位使用者的權利。

Please pay attention and do not exceed the rental time while using the facility in respect of the rights of others。


  1. 個人貴重物品、財務請自行妥善保管,若遺失本中心恕不負責。

Please be responsible in keeping all your own important personal belongings in secured locations; the center is not responsible for any lost items。


  1. 本場地所舉辦的各項活動,請依規定報名參加,禁止私下他用。

Please register for any planned activities in the facility and do not use the facility at your own will.


  1. 嚴禁本中心教學課程以外之私人教學行為。

Personal teaching is not allowed other than the classes provided by the center.


  1. 非體育活動經本中心核准出借使用時,須另訂契約並依約辦理借用手續。

Contract and facility rental process should be in place for any non-athletic events approved by the center


  1. 如有租借/使用各項器材,於使用完畢後,請立即歸還並排列整齊。

Please place any equipment which are rented or used back to their original positions after use.


  1. 若因使用不當造成設備/器材毀損,本中心有權要求損壞賠償。(賠償細則請參照器具租借須知)

Equipment caused by misusage will be charged for compensation (please refer to equipment rental rules for details)


  1. 為維持環境及安全,如有違反使用須知、不聽從教練指導或因個人因素而影響他人權益或導致受傷時,本中心得立即禁止使用(不予退費)並不負賠償責任。

The center reserves the right to prohibit use of the facility in concern to its environment and safety and is not responsible for reimbursement and compensation for any injuries or violation to others caused by personal factor or not cooperating with the rules and coach instructions.   


  1. 未經中心許可,禁止照相、攝影、錄音、張貼或懸掛海報、旗幟、標語等。

Photography, videography, poster hanging, flag hanging, labeling and other such behaviors are not allowed unless approved by the center.


  1. 榮譽至上,維護射箭場優良傳統,禁止兒童於場內嬉戲。

Archery field is a serious place, we do not allow kids to play around in the area.


  1. (場上),其他人(場下)不得自箭袋中取箭,搭箭或是引弓。

Do not set arrow shaft on bowstring or draw bow if you are not on the shooting line.


  1. 發箭前先確認靶區無人後再搭箭。 全員皆射完後統一看靶,須退至警戒線後不停留於線上,且不得再自箭袋中取箭,搭箭或是引弓。

Before shooting, make sure no one is on the field. After everyone is done shooting, back off from the shooting line. Bowstring drawing or setting arrow shaft is no longer allowed unless instructed.


  1. 未經許可,不得觸碰他人弓具。弓具要自行保管,以免被盜,非輪射選手,不得進入射箭警戒線,並請保持肅靜。

Do not lay hands on other people’s equipment; keep eyes on your own stuff. Do not enter the shooing area before your turn and do remain quiet.


  1. 酗酒或有安全顧慮之行為及意圖者,應予驅離射箭場,必要時報警處理。

People under the influence or acting threat to others, will be expelled from the area; if necessary, the center will call the police.


  1. 禁止攜帶寵物進入場館,法令另有規定者,不在此限。

Guide dogs welcome, no pets allowed.


  1. 館內插座不提供給個人使用。 如因活動或租借場地,需先付費後方能使用。

Electrical sockets are reserved only for events or venue rental in condition of additional fee paid; no personal use is allowed.


  1. 本須知如有未盡事宜,得另行增列、修訂之,並以現場公告或工作人員說明為準。若未能配合管理者,現場工作人員將有權令其離場(不予退費)並不負賠償責任。為維護其他使用者的安全,屢勸不聽者,本中心有權禁止其購票使用。

The center has the right to add and alter the rules accordingly with the announcement on site and staff explanation as overrule. The center reserves the right to prohibit use of the facility in concern to its environment and safety and is not responsible for reimbursement and compensation for violation to others caused by personal factor or not cooperating with the rules.


  1. 淋濕的物品(如:傘/鞋/衣/帽…等)請先擦乾後再帶入場館,以避免地面濕滑以及水氣損害地板材質.

To avoid slippery surface and floor damage, please dry all wet items(i.e. umbrella, footwear clothing, hat) before entering into the area.